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On May 2, 2023: it's...Food for Hope

If hunger could happen to John van Hengel, it could happen to any of us.  He was the last person one would imagine on a soup line.  He had a perfect life, it seemed. Good looks, great job, and a family.  Then, his life fell apart, and John wound up in Arizona broke and alone.

On a church soup kitchen line, John refocused his Roman Catholic faith, took a vow of poverty, and resolved to feed as many people as he could. When he learned how much food was discarded by supermarkets and big companies, he wondered if there could be a bank for it all. His priest said, “John, you heard the call. Decide if you want to answer.”

What happened next was the St. Mary’s Food Bank, Second Harvest, Feeding America, and food banks across the globe. 

"An inspiring profile warmed by its (not undeserved) sentimental glow." -- Kirkus Reviews

Food for Hope is an excellent book for children, especially because it highlights how one life can influence so many." --


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