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 “A mitzvah. A good deed. But also a commandment. What God wants.”

                  -- From The Christmas Mitzvah (Creston, September 7, 2021)

3_26_21 XmasMitzvahCvr.png

From award-winning author Jeff Gottesfeld and illustrator Michelle Agatha comes the new children’s book to read on the night before Christmas or Chanukkah…or both! Pro-Jewish, pro-Christian, and pro-goodness and God, The Christmas Mitzvah is inspired by the real-life story of one Al Rosen of Milwaukee, an otherwise ordinary man who took on the jobs of Christian strangers so they could have Christmas Eve with their families. And, without intending to, inspired a movement. 

Critical praise for The Christmas Mitzvah

“The brightly colored, busy illustrations fill the pages with a nicely diverse collection of active and energetic folk working and smiling as a community. A heartwarming slice of neighborly love, caring, and sharing.”
                                                                                                                                                                            – Kirkus Reviews

“Peppy, inclusive, and richly colored digital art by Agatha portray an oft-frazzled Al juggling the demands of the jobs he’s stepped into. As his generosity inspires, people of various faiths soon carry on the Christmas Mitzvah by volunteering on “each other’s special days.” Gottesfeld succeeds in highlighting the importance of turning kindheartedness into action.”   Publishers Weekly

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